Saturday, 30 October 2010

Long time did not write anything for my blog! Life's kinda hectic now. Have to work for long hours. No time to fool around anymore! I pray to learn fast and close cases of my own. Need to find more prospects and get referrals from them! God, please grant these wishes of mine and bless others in the agency as well so we all can achieve the targets we've set. Please bless our families to be in good health, too. Amen!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

sleep-less nights

I had insufficient sleep for the past few nights. and now I have dark circles around my eyes! Looks scary! Long time didn't have this symptom! Mom urged me to sleep early tonight but I still want to play computer game for a moment until slightly after 1am. Need to exercise the eyes as well coz the muscles feels strained and painful whenever I try to roll my eyes! and it's giving me a slight headache as well.

Got my own NEW wireless broadband (again). I subscribed to the Celcom student plan. Monthly fee of RM50 and I paid RM100 for free modem + registration fee. so now I don't have to 'battle' with my parent for the previous broadband! and my dad now can enjoy surfing the whole night without being interrupted.

Friday, 18 June 2010


I just noticed that my blog's background is kinda similar to SID's latest PV, レイン or Rain.

Please watch the following video. It's my current favourite song! :D

SID - Rain/レイン

Sorry for the poor quality of the video. Enjoy¬

psst, SID is currently my favourite boyband! Aki (bassist) looks hot but I have the hots for Yuuya (drummer). Mao (vocalist) looks cute at certain times. Shinji (guitarist) actually looks better with long hair. LOL!!!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

HRD Appreciation Dinner Batch 2007/2010

The Appreciation Dinner was held on 30th April 2010 at The Banquet. It was fun! And it was sad as well as we all have to part ways but it was memorable. I was in the performance team. My team performed cultural dances. It was my first time to wear a Bidayuh costume! Too bad I did not take a picture of it. Sad. There was a technical problem with the sound system when we performed the first time. So we had the music stopped and we restart the performance again. We practiced last minute, so there were lots of mistakes. hehehe...

After the performance, we changed our costumes to our own clothes. I had my hair and makeup done earlier at a saloon before I went to The Banquet. So I did not have to worry about those things. The supposedly reserved table for us performers (dancers) was taken by other people, so we have to sit at tables with empty seats. I sat at the VIP table with Shiela and Pat. Luckily there is enough food for us to eat as we missed out 2 dishes and we were starving.

I did not eat much that night. I guess my appetite was not as big as before. I did not take as many pictures as I imagined earlier. So I missed out taking pictures with some people that I would like to snap pictures with. But I hope that I will be keeping in touch with them through Facebook. That is why I need to be active in FB sometimes. The past 4 months I was rather idle in it.

Pictures will be uploaded in my FB account. check it out if possible. Ciao.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I was sick during the weekends. Went to see the doctor on Sunday night.

I just sat for my first paper yesterday. It was ok for me (but i'm not sure if I can score well or not). I am having final exams these 2 weeks.

I have not started writing my final report for my FYP!

Now I am having a bad sore throat. Cause it was not serious yet when I went to see the doctor on Sunday.

Tomorrow's paper is English paper. I just need to flip through the text book and remember the formats of memo and formal letter.

Wish me lots of luck in my exams and wish me to get well soon! :D
Thanks a lot!

Thursday, 8 April 2010


Today I slept at 5am, woke up at 12pm. This was caused by the addiction of reading manga continuously! Gyyyaahhh! Gotta have self control to that.

I went to KFC for dinner with my friend. Then we met my friend's friends, so we all sat together and eat and chat. I drank a bit too much till my stomach feels bloated and it feels rather bad. ugh.

There is my last presentation tomorrow. Not prepared yet. Want to read manga 1st before preparing my presentation. (this is bad.... my FYP final report is still idle since the end of last semester!) 

That is all. Oyasumi~

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Tired but Happy: Part 2

Today I went out with my best friend, Juju, to the Spring. We attended a movie, 'How To Train Your Dragon'. It was SUPERB!! Both of us LOVE it SOOOO MUCH that we keep on talking about the movie right after the movie finished! And Night Fury is SOOOO CUTE! lol! it's like keeping a dragon as a pet like cats and dogs!

I spent quite a fortune today on food and my Final Year Dinner dress.
Food: RM40
Dress: RM100 (3 amu will pay RM20 each)

It rained the whole evening today. At least the rain helped to cool down the hot city. hehe.

Till next time, take care!

Monday, 5 April 2010

tired but happy

I am soooo happy and relieved and tired at the same time! I am happy because I have presented my Final Year Project (FYP) today and I get quite good comments. My presentation skills need to improve in the future. I need to have more confidence while presenting. *sigh*

well, I stayed up practically the whole day today just to finish my presentation slides. took me ages to create a beautiful slide! PLUS, I am using Microsoft Office 2003! argh! Not-so-user-friendly for me. To have that software downgraded together with my Windows XP, it really is a torture and time consuming! Anyway, I will upgrade my laptop to Windows 7 this coming holidays. I cannot wait to finish my report for FYP and get over with final exams!

Then there is the final year dinner for us final year students (my program only). Have not found a dress to go with the occasion. Found 1 dress, but I do not know if it is worth the price to pay...

I cannot wait for my trip to KL next month! Tricia, wait for meeeee! hehehe...

Jaa, ato de.