Monday, 5 April 2010

tired but happy

I am soooo happy and relieved and tired at the same time! I am happy because I have presented my Final Year Project (FYP) today and I get quite good comments. My presentation skills need to improve in the future. I need to have more confidence while presenting. *sigh*

well, I stayed up practically the whole day today just to finish my presentation slides. took me ages to create a beautiful slide! PLUS, I am using Microsoft Office 2003! argh! Not-so-user-friendly for me. To have that software downgraded together with my Windows XP, it really is a torture and time consuming! Anyway, I will upgrade my laptop to Windows 7 this coming holidays. I cannot wait to finish my report for FYP and get over with final exams!

Then there is the final year dinner for us final year students (my program only). Have not found a dress to go with the occasion. Found 1 dress, but I do not know if it is worth the price to pay...

I cannot wait for my trip to KL next month! Tricia, wait for meeeee! hehehe...

Jaa, ato de.

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