Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Suddenly I have the urge to post on my blog. Just want to mention that my guts are working really well when I am under pressure. and early this morning my guts told me that there will be a case study for Introduction to Business Management. And there was! dang! I had to lose 10% for that because I was busy preparing myself for my English assessment, which is job interview. And surprisingly, I thought that I will be feeling sleepy in the afternoon, but I am still active! must be all the sugar that I took last night and this afternoon! I have a midterm exam for Strategic Management tomorrow afternoon and I have not studied it yet. haih... so many things to get done. So little time. And I feel like I'm going crazy. Luckily there are a number of events that could help me take my mind away from those stress. hehehe..

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RAySoN anGviL said...

But after sometime you will find new world is running towards you. ^^