Thursday, 5 June 2008

nah, some pics!

nah, i'll post Beybeb's pics here 2day. and my latest pic of myself wid short hair. tho now my hair's kinda long edi. almost 1 month ago since i cut it.

i oso wanna crita about my b'day this year. this year not many ppl remember my bday. so it's quite sad/disappointing. hahahaha... but it's in the past now. luckily i got Myojo mag (1 only) from my amu-amu sekalian. FYI, Myojo mag is a monthly mag in Japan where they have interviews of popular idols (and i mean HANDSOME and PRETTY looking idols). Idols that appeared in there r News, KAT-TUN, Hey Say Jump, Kinki Kids, Arashi, Jr boys of Johnny's, some drama interview which these idols act in, interviews of other actors/actresses. quite interesting la d interviews if u know how to read kanji, katakana, n hiragana! for me, i totally cannot read the kanji, so i only read the hiragana. even when i read the hiragana, i tak faham wat it's talking about! so i look at the mag for their pics only! hahahahahaha!

ok, back to my bday... i only have a b'day cake from my parents. mum gave me credit for my hp. so dat's my present. i've got a miskin bday dis year. hahahaha... i wish to have dramas!! this spring's dramas r nice. well, most of them r. hahahaha...

em, i just run dunno how many metres using the thread mill (d workout machine which u use to walk/jog/run on). had a great workout yesterday! made me feel good to sweat so much! hehehe... so i must work out more to lose some flabs!

k la. nothing else to say anymore! hahaha...


amanda said...

Hi tina.. hahaha.. im one of them yg terlupa ur bday.. T_T sry le.. 1 day late in wishing u happy bday tat day. hehe... Beybeb eyes so scary~ lol..

Streamyx mmg cacat 1 la.. mine oso like that.. haiz... keep dc only, cis..

amu tua said...

oh tina!!!!!!!!
u mmg.. suka pada mag. yg u donno tulis apa.. -..-