Monday, 23 June 2008


i finally can online anytime i wan! coz i got my celcom broadband edi! wahahaha... but d line kinda sucks at my housing area. gotta find a suitable spot to have a good and fast connection. so d only spot where it's fast is.... MY ROOM!!! wahahaha... i download files is like, SUPER SLOW. haih... then i have to leave my laptop on for most of the hours for the day! reli need to get a new cooler pad if i dun wan my laptop to got nuts again...

i dunno wat else to report. i finally get to chat wid my frens and catch up wid their lives. hehehe... hopefully later in my uni, the connection is better than my home so dat i can download files endlessly! my broadband modem seems to like to burn the sim cards inserted in it. hahaha... so i had better buy sth dat can help to cool down dat modem FAST! otherwise i cant online! >.<

when my dad went to kch for 4 days, Nyimi was so damn lonely coz me and mum juz ignore him altho he was seeking attention from us (tho not obviously). normally my dad will b d one whom Nyimi climb on and sits on his lap (when he's clean only!). so last nite i pampered Nyimi by stroking his head and chin. hahaha... kecian him. 2day he was so scared of my dad when he saw my dad. it's like he cant recognize my dad just after 4 days! -.-"

i still got 2 weeks left of hols b4 going back to uni! I SOOOOOOO DUN WANNA GO BACK TO UNI!!! i wan my laid back life in my home! wahahaha... which is sleeping, bullying Nyimi, watching tv (mostly comedies and cartoons), help to cook dinner.

ok, guess dat's for now. nyahahaha...

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