Wednesday, 4 February 2009


wow! i do not know it has been how many months since i last wrote an entry for my blog! first of all, i had a wonderful semester break which was from 4th week of November to end of December 2008. then i came back to Unimas in January. then I had mid-sem break because of Chinese New Year for a week. I went back to Sibu 4 days before Chinese New Year.

I had a great CNY this year. Met all my close friends. had a dinner reunion with former St. Mary's students of my batch. but this year's flood is the worst compared to previous years! the whole town was flooded (note: only the main town!) last Saturday. I just came back to Kuching last Sunday. I am so lucky to be staying at my current house now in Sibu. if not, i would not be able to go to airport from my former house!

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Amanda said...

har! finally an update.. I just wan to go conteng in ur cbox to say y no update 1.. lol.

yea lo. flood in Sibu tis year is the worst. cis. my house oso kena.. sien 1.