Sunday, 8 February 2009

Pangaea activities

with Toshi-san. with Yumi-san

well, i want to write about my day with Pangaea. You can read more about Pangaea here. I signed myself up to be part of Pangaea's facilitators. Our job is to guide the participants, which are the children, in the activities.

Pangaea has just opened its network in UNIMAS. So we will be having our monthly activities here at the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT). FIT is contributing their tech gadgets for us to use. For our 1st meeting, the children did Tako Introduction, which is a pair is formed according to the playing cards they have. They are paired up with the same number printed on the playing cards. the young children were shy to ask their older partners about what they like. I had to help loosen up the tension for this pair who consists of 1 teenager boy and a 10-year-old boy. the younger boy was so shy to speak, so I had to explained to him how to do the Tako Introduction. So I had to ask the older boy to start asking the younger boy about his likes and vise versa. It went quite well during the Tako Introduction for every pair. Then each pair had to introduce their partner about their liking to everyone. We have to clap our hands after each participant introduced their partner.

the next activity was drawing a house and a room of participants. they drew houses according to their own creativity. Everyone drew their houses beautifully. Some of them used bright colours and their houses looks attractive to look at. while the participants were busy drawing their houses/rooms, we lead one participant after another to take their pictures. they have to snap a picture of a happy face, sad face, a free style, and a full body free style. after that, we led them to a computer nearby to record their voices by saying "their name", "hello", and "thank you". I was there to check the checklist, recording who has done what. It was quite tiring as I had to rush here and there and asking the participants for their names. hehehe. but it was fun as well. I did not interact much with the children. I guess because the facilitators outnumbered the participants. so some of the facilitators just stood there, did not know what to do! I can say that I was one of them!

the activities ended at 12.10pm. after the closing speech made by Mr. Inoue (or was it Mr. Iwato), the meeting adjourned. All the participants were eager to come back again for the next meeting, which will be on 28th March.

to see the group picture and read the summarized report, read it here. That is all from me. Sorry for the long post.

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