Friday, 4 July 2008

Zettai Kareshi!

yea yea... am downloading this Japanese drama called Zettai Kareshi (translation: Absolute Boyfriend)!!! very nice la dis drama! then i'll download Last Friends, Gokusen 3. dunno wat r d new dramas in summer.

anyway, amu tua and amu su now having hols. i'm gonna start my 2nd yr of university life next week. will b having a new roommate too. i hope we can get along well. otherwise, it's bad for both of us!!

i seriously duno wanna write about wat. mum everyday likes to advice me! haih...sakit palak when i hear her! ish... dad now onlining. everyday i have to jaga Beybeb (the monster). but now he's a bit more gentle than b4. he still likes to bother us (ppl) coz he's been alone at home when sis n bro-in-law goes to work.

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