Friday, 8 August 2008

stressed out

haaaaaaaah! now I can breathe a sigh of relief! I've finally finished my part for my group's Counselling assignment! So stressed out that I went to SMS my close friends (carol la jadi mangsa!). Now it's like 3am! ish...

Finally Kota Samarahan received rain around 3.30pm 2day after almost 2 weeks it didn't rain! I went to sleep when it just started raining. then I slept for 4 hrs straight till 7.30pm! I'm so lacking of sleep! *sigh*

This morning's interview with Swinburne's HR Manager went smoothly. Met my sister there. There's another week left to my midterm holidays! can't wait for it. But I still have 1 more assignment to do which dues on NEXT FRIDAY!!! still haven't found the journals. *plays dead*

my mind's getting dizzy. gotta go!


Laurane said...

you seem to be doing lots of interviews. :S not scary??

Tinanit said...

um, it's not scary. cause we interviewed the interviewee as a group. :D