Thursday, 7 August 2008


argh! i feel like torturing myself! dunno why! maybe coz i'm so stressed out on finishing the assignments which will due on FRIDAY! i haven't done my part yet. only finished 20% of it. i don't even know what's the title of our assignment! my lecturer didn't even give us guidelines on how to write our reports! >.<

i'm having minor flu (YES! again) coz i didn't have enough sleep! Tric is now scolding me (sort of) for not taking care of myself! i know i sneezed a few times in a couple of hours. but i REFUSE to eat any medicine/supplement! LOL! I'm seriously torturing myself (don't have to pity me).

um, 2molo going to Swinburne to interview the HR Manager there for one of my subject. so I have to wear formal attire (with heels, of coz!). then i'll have PANDA EYES for not having enough rest. (kill me, kill me!) i'm going berserk every passing second!

ok la, better stop here b4 my entry becomes NOT sane! LOLLLLLLLL!

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