Monday, 11 August 2008

what a week...

haih.. what a tiring week (last week). Me and my group members (for my counselling subject) rushed with our group project which we passed it up last Friday! it was quite tough for us because each of us had to give comments based on approaches or theories in counselling. -.- so I had to do research from the internet to be able to write my part of the comments.

Then on Saturday morning, we had to attend a seminar on "How to be a great entrepreneur". hm.. I think I only remembered 20% of what was mentioned by the invited speakers. We had 2 invited speakers. I was more immersed in my comic books than to the talk! *blerk* We were FORCED to attend this seminar or we'll lose 20 marks for our Asas Kebudayaan Keusahawanan subject (which i'll just call it EBX. it's the code of the subject). lol!

Oh yea! right after the seminar, me and 3 of my friends went to the K-box at the Students' Affairs building. all of us sang our heart out! but then we had to spend RM1.50 just to sing 1 SONG! (omg, so damn expensive!). then we played bowling. at 1st I hesitated to play because I was wearing BAJU KURUNG that day! but 2 of my friends were wearing baju kurung as well. so me who doesn't want to be left out joined in the game too! since we all don't have socks with us, we had to buy a pair each which costs us RM2.

Then I didnt do anything much except sitting in front of my laptop the whole day and online looking for journals for my Human Resource Planning subject. it's for group project (of 3 ppl per group). we'll have to submit the report this coming Friday! *dead* haven't read a single journal although I saved them in my laptop. *sweat*

It's Convocation Week in Unimas (this week). It's held for 3 consecutive days. hm.. it'll be my turn in year 2010. During my Japanese class this afternoon, I wasn't surprised to see my oral test scores. I admit that I wasn't prepared that day. I got the lowest score in the class, which is 6.8 out of 10. *sweat* My other classmates got at least 7.5 and above! but i'll try my best in the coming oral test! hehehe... Makete wa nai! (I won't lose! roughly said in japs anyway. correct me if i'm wrong).

there's public speaking session for my Effective Teaching and Learning class 2molo. i'm so dead! found the informations already but my brain is not up to editing the texts for my speech and memorizing! *dead* i'm somehow suffering from mental fatigue whereas physically I'm still ok.

I seriously can't wait for my midterm break next week!!! I think I'm suffering from minor depression. I dun feel like going to lectures this week. Felt like staying in my room the whole day and sleep.

ok, that's all the complaints i wanna say. :D *peace*

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