Thursday, 16 October 2008

worrisome me!

i've been so worried lately! 1st it is my laptop. because i was soooooo lazy to scan my laptop for viruses (because it'll make my processor to work slower, so i never bother to do full scan) for about 2 months, then suddenly my laptop's commands got all messed up! now i could not open My Computer and any folders at all! haih... so i'm waiting for my Window XP cd which was posted via courier mail from Sibu. if it can't be repaired, then i gotta send it to computer shop and ask them to reformat it! i don't know if my drive D have to be reformated or not cause all my precious files are in there! especially the songs, scanlations of my favourite idols, lyrics, etc.

another thing that got me worried half of my life is my pet fish, Nemo!!! he's suffering from constipation! his belly is WAAAAAAAAYY too huge for his body! so not normal! although i've tried to give him boiled peas (one of the best treatment so far by other Betta owners), he only managed to ate ONE and ONLY ONE tiny piece of the pea that i cut for him! right now i'm trying to starve him for about 48 hours. then try to give him the peas again! I've asked for Amu Tua's help to help me purchase Epsom salt (read it on the internet that it helps to ease your constipation by soaking in them!). so i wanna try soaking Nemo in the diluted Epsom salt if Amu Tua can manage to find them at the pharmacies or shops. [thanks a lot, Amu Tua!!]

well, that's all i wanna complain about right now. i'm trying to release tension by watching anime/dramas.

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Laurane said...

eh tina!
if your fish is meant to be a freshwater fish, soaking it in EPSOM SALT would kill it!! (all the water comes out from the fish and your fish will look like ikan masin (dan kering!))
human treatment and fish treatment different bah...