Sunday, 12 October 2008

wahhh! long time didn't update!

wow! it's been 2 weeks since i last updated my blog! been lazy lately. 1st, there's the Hari Raya holidays for a week. then the following week after Raya, i was lazy to the bones! today's a Sunday, and i just woke up at noon SHARP (local time here). slept for 10 hours.

last night, i had a NICE DREAM! well, i dreamt i was attending Hey! Say! JUMP!'s concert (not sure where). i was sitting at front row seats. as the members were giving out their souvenirs, i was waving at the youngest member of the group. all of us were calling out his name 「Ryutaro-chan」. then he somehow noticed me calling him in as he passed by my seat. LOL! then he just passed me the souvenir that was in his hands. I was shocked yet happy so i said 「Arigatou Gozaimashita」. then after that i woke up from the dream! LOL! amu lang said i'll have good things happening to me in the next few days!

i went out to Kuching town on Friday afternoon with Juju. we went to Boulevard shopping mall. went to have lunch at the Sushi King there. spent more than an hour there! we had a great lunch (till we got BLOATED!). then i bought cotton pads and shampoo from Guardian Pharmacy. We shopped some things from the Boulevard supermarket. i bought eggs, starfruits, yogurt, and Listerine! cost me RM19. then we drove to Kenyalang Park. Juju wanted to buy some great anime but can't find one. so in the end we spent more than half an hour there without buying anything! LOL! after that, we drove to Tabuan Jaya's KFC branch to buy our take-away dinner. we reached unimas at 6pm. so the car rental was RM36 for 6 hours. it was ok. i nearly get into accidents a few times that day! it was scary! i guess i'm not used to driving kancil(?). or that i've got no confidence the that particular car coz the brakes were not working so well (?). but i did have insecurities regarding the car! Thank God that we're safe throughout the whole trip and still alive! :D

I had a nightmare. in this dream, i was CHASED/HUNTED DOWN by 2 crocodiles! i almost got eaten alive when my dad suddenly appeared out of nowhere and saved me from the crocs! and of course, dad survived too! then when i told 3 of my best friends and a cousin about the "fact" that i got chased by the crocs, they would not believe me. feeling disappointed, i woke up from that nightmare. then i didn't continue to sleep cause i could not went back to sleep. so i spent the whole night doing slide shows for my Japanese group presentation. then i had full swing of classes. didn't even get to have rest in between!

During the Hari Raya visitation, i was a glutton! i ate soooo much till my weight increased to 2kg within 3 days! LOL! and then i haven't exercise my fats away! been so lazy this whole week. must exercise today!!!

ok, that's all for now~

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