Wednesday, 29 October 2008

not sure wat to put

hello minna! ogenki desu ka. [how are you?] well, i know it's been a super long time that i've last updated my blog. i've been procrastinating (as a student, i guess it's normal) this whole month. well, now i'm having revision week before the finals! final exams are next week! and i've 5 papers on the 1st week of exam! *die* and i'm not prepared for the exams as well. been watching too much dramas in between my studies! LOL! only watched them while i was eating my meals (which is bad for health i guess). but it's a norm for me. hehe... well, i just finished exercising (after 2 weeks i didn't exercise!). now i'm cooling myself down while updating my blog. I won't be updating my blog during my finals. so just drop some lines in the chatbox if u (readers) want to convey messages to me! :D

my internet connection has become slow lately in this uni campus. not sure what's going on! haih... the websites load up very slowly and they are always testing my patience!

forgot to mention: my pet fish, Nemo, is dead. He passed away 2 weeks ago. the cause of death: Dropsy. it's incurable! it's all because of the water quality in this uni campus! it's kinda contaminated (with bacterias) which is not good for the fish! at 1st i thought it was constipation. when i tried feeding peas to Nemo, he didnt eat them! maybe cause the taste was rather bad i guess. then when i looked up for more information about Nemo's condition, it turns out to be Dropsy (scales pointing out like a porcupine, super bloated belly, fins starts to rot). he was in that condition for about a week before he passed away. He sort of died in front of me while i was peeping at him. he just suddenly opened his jaw WIDELY and twitched his lower fins, and he just died. haih... i was kinda sad that night. now i'm fine.

I wont be keeping anymore fish while i'm still living in the campus. These Siamese Fighting Fish needs a really clean water. with Malaysia's water quality, I need to fix water filter in order to get filtered water for the fish. otherwise, they can only survive for 3 months with me if i were to use water straight from the tap!

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