Saturday, 8 November 2008

2 more papers to go!

yesssss! i've sat 4 out of 6 papers for my final exams! i think i won't be scoring much for my Basic Statistics paper! ugh! all the answers i don't have confident in them! lol! got 2 more papers to go, which is Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Planning, Recruitment & Selection. My OB paper is on Sunday, not Saturday! thank God! *phew*

well, now i'm writing in coz i just feel like writing about my feelings of relief! oh yea! after ourStatistics paper, we went to After Three (an eating place) somewhere near Padungan. the prices are reasonable. it's air-conditioned. i ate grilled rosemary chicken with honey chrysanthemum tea. then i added 1 scoop of chocolate ice-cream for my dessert! i think i spent around RM15. we came back to Unimas around 11.30pm.

that's all i update about. i always forgot to take pictures of the food i ate/going to be eaten. LOL!

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