Thursday, 6 November 2008

final exams!

aaaaarrrrrghhhhhhhhh! still having exams right now! 4 more papers to gooooooo! the 1st paper was Effective Teaching and Learning (ETL). ETL was ok. think i can score it. But i'm kinda scared for my Career Development (CD)! can't really apply the theories learned to the case study given! argh! hopefully it'll turn out fine!

another SHOCKING news. My Organizational Behaviour (OB) paper has been shifted from Sunday morning to Saturday morning. the night before will be Basic Statistics paper. both are K-I-L-L-E-R papers! arghhhhhhh! i was really stressed out by this announcement! oh. another thing. THEY (the lecturers) DID NOT EVEN ANNOUNCE IT TO US BEFORE ANY OF THE PAPER! damn... they just stick the announcement at one of the notice board near to the entrance of the exam hall! cilakaa! haih... need to sing more to relieve stress!

oh man... i think i won't do well for this semester. my mum is SOOOOOOO gonna K-I-L-L me! and i hope i still get CGP 2.0 and above for the study loan to be banked into my account! otherwise i don't have money to spend! >.<

ok la. just wanna let go some of my stress here! tomorrow i will be sitting for Japanese Language paper. hopefully i can score it and pull my grades up! :D

next update will be after my LAST paper which will be after the 11th. Wish me lots of luck! Thanks!

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