Sunday, 9 November 2008

one LAST paper to go!

yes! i've sat for 5 papers! and today's paper i nailed it BAD! ugh! didn't have enough time to study all the chapters. so i ended up using my common sense instead! but it's wrong anyway. haih. 50% go bye-bye for today's paper!

i ate dinner with Shiela at Expert Food Centre at Jln Song. i spent RM10 for my own meal. ish.. ordered too much of the smoked veges. and it's SPICY too! they put too much chilli powder onto the veges. our tongues were burning most of the time. so we had to take time eating them. i ordered fried kuey tiaw with clams. it was nice!

i managed to wash my clothes which i unintendedly soaked them for more than 24 hours! and the water stinks! luckily it didn't smell too bad after i rinse them with clean water.

oh yea. this morning i slept for less than 2 hours. then the moment i woke up, i had puffy eyes with black rings around my eyes! scary! then continue my sleep in the afternoon for about 4 hours. i'm getting sleepy again right now. really need to catch up with my snooze before my last paper. and i haven't studied a single thing (AGAIN!). heard that the paper is going to be tough. i bet it's the toughest paper among all the other subjects that i sat for.

that's all for now. wanna sleep soon too. おやすみなさい (good nite).


Laurane said...

i'm starting my exams on the 19th... now its STUDY STUDY STUDY.
ah can't wait for it to be over...

Tinanit said...

LOL! lots of luck to u in your exams!