Friday, 6 March 2009

busy weeks!

ahh... last few weeks I was so busy with assignments and midterm exams! so tiring and stressful! did not have enough time to rest. luckily my body system did not break down (eg. getting sick). I have passed up 1 Quality individual assignment, 1 Educational Technology wiki (group project), ... i forgot the rest already. I sat for 3 midterm paper for the past 2 weeks. glad that is over. but now i have to worry about my coming assigments that needs to be handed in by the end of this month! argh! i have not gotten anything done! and i got another exam tomorrow morning which is Personality Development. covers 4 units of the subject. and i have not even go find my notes which is probably stacked up somewhere in my super messy room.

that aside, I have got my EYES on TOHOSHINKI (aka Dong Bang Shi Ki, DBSK, THSK, TVFXQ, TVXQ)!! of course, i only listen to their Japanese songs. LOL! not the Korean and Chinese songs. [bias, aren't I>] I got attracted to them with their Jumon~Mirotic~ and Sennen Koi Uta songs! then my friend, Juju, is a HUGE fan of theirs. so she got me hooked to Tohoshinki by giving me their albums and single album. Then i listen to their songs everyday. I only liked a few songs, especially the ballads. hehe... their single, Bolero, which was released in January 2009, is one of my favourite! their latest single, Survivor, which will be out by the end of March, is not so nice to me. hehe...

ok la. i need to do 1 assignment which i have to pass it to my member (the editor) and I have to study. otherwise i would not be able to get enough sleep again. (ARGHH!)

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