Sunday, 19 July 2009


Hello to everyone who drops by my blog! Thank you for dropping by (even without leaving any signs behind. :P). em, I have not been updating my blog for almost a month! right now I am baby sitting my niece while my sister is cooking dinner and my bro-in-law is watching tv. I did some household chores earlier and I have not taken my bath yet! the weather in Kuching is sooooo HOT that I have to sweat 1st every night before going to sleep! Maybe that is the cause that made my face looks horrible with all the pimple popping out on the left side of my cheeks! Walking to classes in the HOT afternoons melted my facial products which I applied on my face before going to classes! geez, wasting my money only! >.<

I only started going to classes last week although it started 2 weeks ago! hehe... the lazy bug bit me! Took up Japanese Language Level 2 this semester. Hopefully I this could polish up my speaking skills! :D

I am trying to change my style of writing and I will try my best to keep every post short! :D
That's all! Sayonara~

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