Wednesday, 24 June 2009

*reporting yesterday's events*

Mr. A : the car driver
Mr. B : car passenger
Mr. C : Motorcyclist
Mr. D : Passenger of the motorcylist

While I was enjoying my laksa for breakfast, an minor accident happened right in front of Block G of Swinburne! Mr. A was dropping off his passenger, Mr. B, in front of Block G. When Mr. opened the car door, he accidentally knocked the door at an oncoming motorcycle on his left. Mr. C & Mr. D fell down together with the motorcycle! Mr. B was still blur on what is happening (I saw it on his face). Then a guard nearby quickly rushed over to see what happened. After Mr. B came out of the car, Mr. C got up from his bike, helped Mr. D up on his feet, pick up the bike, took off his helmet and start shouting at Mr. B for his carelessness. Mr. C was very pissed of with Mr. B. Because Mr. B was late for work, Mr. A told him that he will settle this matter with Mr. C. So they both stood there, Mr. C was shouting nonstop at Mr. A. From my view, Mr. A looked like he did not want to admit that it was his fault (to be exact, Mr. B's fault). so they had a little quarrel in the middle of the road. Then Mr. C drove his motorcycle to a parking lot and Mr. A also drove away from that road to not cause traffic jam. I do not know what happened between them after that as I was late for work as well and I the last thing I saw was a person in charge of safety rushed to the scene and maybe try to work things out between Mr. A and Mr. C.

My observation of the incident:
- Maybe Mr. A did not display any signal that he is stopping there to drop his passenger.
- Maybe Mr. B did not look at his side mirror before he opens the door.
- Maybe Mr. C thought that Mr. B will look through his side mirror 1st before coming out of the car and Mr. C has a chance to squeeze through between the curb and the car.

So this is what happened yesterday. Will be updating today's events later. :D

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