Wednesday, 12 August 2009


hi guys! sorry for not updating this blog for a loooong time. my wireless broadband has got some problems which I am not sure of. I just found out last night that my housemates who uses broadband like mine is experiencing the same problem, too! doh, is it because Unimas has too many people using celcom broadband? then please do something about it if you want your customers to be loyal to u, CELCOM!! *anger*

Kuching is experiencing water rationing. and it so happened that my hostel and another hostel nearby did not have water from 5-11pm. and coincidentally I went to the gym yesterday evening to workout! so I was sticky the whole night. luckily me and 2 of my roommates went to a nearby faculty and took our baths there. there were tonnes and tonnes of water enough for everyone. If today and tomorrow we are still experiencing water rationing, I think I will have to stay at my sister's house. I cannot stand it not having water, especially to pee and poo-poo. LOL~

Today me and other 25 people went for a site visit to Sanmina, an electronic chip manufacturing company. it was interesting but at the same time, all of us were yawning the whole way. I almost dozed off while I was taking notes of what the speaker was saying! -.-"

I am going back to my hometown this weekend for 1 whole week! it is our midsem break and I have been waiting for this day to arrive. Needed a break from hectic lifestyle of Kuching and say hello to my sweet home in Sibu! :P

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