Sunday, 30 August 2009

yay! a new post! it has been a very long time since I updated. well, this weekend I am at sis's house. Monday is a public holiday for Malaysia's 52nd Independence Day. So I will be hanging out here till Monday evening.

It has been great to play with Mira. She is so naughty, asking people to play with her most of the time. she did not sleep much during the day today. Because I have no other ways to entertain her, I showed her NEWS's Pacific Concert (2008). She was very excited. Her heart was thumping so fast as if it were to pop out of her chest anytime! lol~

I have not done anything for my final year project (aka thesis). been so lazy and unmotivated. I do not know how to motivate myself. -.-"

so sleepy now. it is 4.20am. Time for me to sleep. I do not want some ugly pimple to appear on my face! :(

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