Thursday, 3 September 2009

My head...

... is about to ooze out from my skull! I have ABSOLUTELY no idea on what to write for my literature review for my final year project (fyp) and I have to pass it up tomorrow!

oh wait, I just got a word from my mate that our supervisor won't be in tomorrow! yay! more time to finish the work! *phew* but this does not mean that I can slack (again and again and again...). I hope to crap my way, I mean my work out in 3 days!

I am so disoriented. Someone gotta save me from this madness/loneliness. By the way, I am still waiting for Tricia to online and chat with her via MSN. geez, that girl want her head off!!!

Tina: Off with her head!!
Tricia: nooooo! forgive meee!
Tina: no way! no more mercy from me! mwahahahah!

geez, I AM going crazy! *sob*

tata for now~

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boO said...

updated version:
Tricia: *on her knees*
no nooo.. forgive meee
Tina: *mercilessly swangs her zanpakuto* hiek hiek hiek hiek *evil laughters echoes*