Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Last Friday: i went back to my sister's house. stayed there the whole weekend. i slept early that night.

Last Saturday: surprisingly, i woke up at 8am! argh! too early. then we went to My Bookstore at Satok to look for my textbooks. all the books that i wanted to buy don't have stock! ARGH! then we went to BDC Everrise to shop for groceries. before that, we went to Popular Bookstore to buy some stationaries. I bought 2 black gel ink pens, 2 plastic files, 3 exercise books (for me to copy important notes). at the Everrise departmental store, i managed to buy a pair of wedges (with heels) which cost me RM42.80. and i bought a lingerie. sis still owe me $$ for her lingerie! i spent RM37 on my groceries. cooked steamed toufu, french beans, and chicken drummets for dinner. me and sis did the cooking, of coz! :D slept rite after midnight after playing with Beybeb. suddenly i found it FUN to play with him although he likes to bite people till he leaves some "kawaii" wounds on you.

Sunday: woke up at 10am. went to Saberkas to find my textbooks again, but to no avail. in the end, i bought a laptop screen protector and keyboard protector instead which cost me RM60! *faint* i spent so much money in 1 WEEK!!! cooked cabbage, lady's finger, and fish for dinner. went back to uni at 9.30pm. slept at 2.30am!

Monday: woke up at 8.30am. lectures straight from 10am to 4pm without break! reached my room, feeling withered. but i slept at 12.30am pulak! *shoot myself*

Tues: woke up at 7am. went to SMK Balai Ringin at Serian to interview a counselor for my group project. luckily the counselor is a friendly person (it's part of their job/professionalism). i'm not the interviewer. i'm the one who wrote whatever the counselor answered. LOL! me and 2 of my friends (names will not be mentioned) didn't go to any lectures 2day! LOL! after the interview which ended before lunch hour, we went to The Spring to have our lunch. after that, we went window shopping. then we went for flat-sandals hunting for one of my friend. she wears formal attire often this sem but she doesn't have the proper footwear for those clothes! so my 2nd friend suggests that she buy a pair of nice-looking sandals (since my 1st friend doesn't like to wear heels). Vincci is having a sale up to 70% for the sandals! me and my 2nd friend were tempted to buy the shoes/sandals there! in the end, each of us bought a pair of footwear! i bought a pair of heels (rm32.50). Friend no.1 bought a pair of pointy flat shoes. Friend no.2 bought a pair of flat sandals. we went back to uni at 5pm.

right now i'm running out of ideas on what to write for my essay which i have to print and pass up 2molo! *DIE*

sorry for the long post! LOL!!!

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