Monday, 29 September 2008

wahhhh... enjoy la!

i came back to Sibu last Friday night by bus. Got 1 whole week of holidays because of Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

I went out to town with the 3 Amu(s) last saturday. 1st we went to Sarawak House area (where Premier Departmental and International Optical is). Amu Lang's shoes got spoiled. so we had to drop by Premier to buy a cheap sandal. luckily there was a sale! so we managed to find a RM9.90 sandal. but it was hard to find her size coz her feet's kinda small (size 4 je). Luckily we found a white, sized 4 sandal. after that we went to the optical shop to buy contact lens solution and contact lenses. after that we went to Mitsu Tea House for lunch. we ordered 4 dishes of dumplings, 1 plate of roasted duck rice, 1 char sio (pork seasoned in sweet, red flavouring), and 1 beef fried rice. we spent approximately RM50 for lunch. we took some pictures there. then we went to Jasmine Hair Saloon. Amu Su went there to have her hair trimmed. it only cost RM15 but the tauke nio of the saloon was kinda rude la. she didn't talk in a friendly manner. the moment she starts cutting Amu Su's hair, Amu Su dah regret. then they gave her a temporary hair straightening. then after that Amu Su's hair look so DEAD! luckily Amu Su didn't decide to have her hair rebonded! after that we went to Amu Su's place and walked around (more like playing the swings) at the park near her house. then at night we went to Delta Mall. I bought a black eyeliner, a sharperner and a comb. we walked around for almost 2 hours there. then i sent Amu Tua home cause she had dinner prepared for her at home. then the 3 of us went to Taman Muhibah for dinner. spent around RM30. then we sent Amu Lang home then Amu Su. I reached home at almost 11pm. so tiring walking and driving the whole day.

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