Wednesday, 11 March 2009

in this post, I would like to express about me and my group members' dissatisfaction towards our group assignment leader for Research Method, YCL. she has been pushing us around without consideration.

1st, she wanted the parts of assignments that were distributed to us to be given back to her the following day! what are we, ROBOTS?!?! girl, we are not robots so do not boss us around like you are high and mighty. it is different if you are working in a firm with a big post there.

2nd, the report that was mostly prepared by her was in a mess. she volunteered to do the whole report, so we did not really help out with the final touches of the report. I was the last person to edit the report. there were many parts missing and I have no choice but to do it to make it look good. In the end, I have to sleep late that night and miss class the following morning. This pissed me off as I was looking forward to attend that lecture very much! oh, and the report, we were supposed to include Literature Review. at first, YCL mentioned that it was not necessary to include it in the report. then she blamed another member, MMH, that she did not pass it to her. WTF! she could not even make up her mind on what she wanted in the report!

3rd, 3 weeks ago we were supposed to have group discussion. YCL told MMH that she will help conduct the group discussion as MMH had to attend another meeting which was really important. me and Z (another member) waited for an hour for her to come. but she never showed up. she did not even SMS us to tell us whether she will come or not. so wasting our precious time. dahla cun cun that week we have exams to study for and another assignment to pass up.

4th, we did the presentation on our findings 2 weeks ago. I was chosen randomly by the lecturer to present for our group. since I have not seen the presentation slides prepared by YCL, I was really nervous when my name was mentioned. so I just present as I always do. then the persimistic YCL thought that our group got the lowest presentation marks. when I peeped at the evalutation form of the lecturer, we got a nice 8/10. then i have to tell YCL that we got good marks. then she was slightly relieved.

5th, she borrowed my pendrive last week as she forgot to bring hers that day. then, she accidentally saved all the documents regarding to our report into my pendrive. the next day, she told me to meet up with her just to get the data from me. It was Friday, and I do not have classes on Fridays! she expect me to reach our faculty within 1 hour. when I read the SMS, I only got an hour to be there. and from my hostel to my faculty by foot takes approximately 20 minutes! she was trying to KILL me! luckily she told me to email the documents to her. and luckily I have a broadband to online. if not, I really have a bad mood for the whole day! and i will be shouting like a mentally ill person!

there are more, but this post is already too long! sorry for the looooong post. but I just want to express my feelings (and also my other 3 members). otherwise I will become crazy from this emotional stress!

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