Tuesday, 10 March 2009

tiring weekend

yes! i know i have finished exam last weekend, which was Personality Development. i did it badly. the questions are quite easy, but i did not study well for it! then there goes my 20%. think i will just pass with the passing line... wat am i talking about. i am actually having computer lab right now. so i am not concentrating on what i am typing (much). last Saturday, my sister moved into her new house! at the moment, it is still quite messy as we do not have enough time to clear the things up especially the study room, the master bedroom. now we get to enjoy aircond all the time! and i have got my own room there, too! one side of the wall is purple colour. and i have my own queen sized bed! all my life I have been sleeping on either super single sized bed or a single bed. i did not help much in the house last weekend as i was really tired. i did not have enough sleep for the last 4 nights. i feel like i am a walking zombie and I want to express my dissatisfaction on something. well, normally i do that by singing! i think i will do that tonight. will be singing Tohoshinki's songs (as usual). now i am CRAZY over them. dunno how it ended up this way.

everytime i meet up with my friend, Juju, we must talk about Tohoshinki. she's is turning me into one of the fangirls that will go "kyaa kyaaa" over them! ROTFLOL! she just bought a DVD concert of Tohoshinki's, which is their 3rd Concert Tour 2008 "T". it cost RM119! OMG! she is willing to buy it! LOL!! i will have to wait till this coming Friday to watch the concert together in my room! then the whole night we will go "kyaa kyaa". and I have my speaker (does not have the woofer type. it is the old timer's speaker) to boost up the energy! LOL!

i will be hanging out with my besties tomorrow afternoon. I wanna get my hair a trim. it is too long and it is hard for me to manage it as well. and i am going to buy other stuff. i have not made up the list yet. hopefully my expenses does not go beyond RM100. hehe...

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