Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Happy yet tired

I feel happy this whole week. This is because my sister gave birth to a healthy baby girl last Monday afternoon right before 5pm. Her name is Mirabelle Veneranda (I do not want to put the full name. Later got some psycho people hunt her down!). I do not know what her nickname will be (yet). I cannot wait to go back to my sis's house this weekend! I want to meet my newborn niece! My sis just SMS-ed me that she is growing! argh! and I am already missing the first few days of her growth! My mum said that Mirabelle looks a lot like her mum (which is my sis), but her body frame seems to follow her dad (my bro-in-law). hmm.. I have to see this for myself and confirm it. LOL! I will try my best to take pics of Mirabelle when I get back home.

My sis is going through maternity confinement (the Chinese style) right now for 1 whole month. This means that she cannot touch water at all. cannot bath, wash hands, etc (you get the point). so I really do not know how she could bear this for 1 whole month. Every day have to eat either kachang ma chicken or herbal chicken soup. The kachang ma is a type of herb which can help to prevent 'wind' trapped in your body system (I think. I gotta ask my mum first!). Every day she has to eat chicken. By the end of her confinement, I am SURE she does not want to see (what more to say eat) chicken anymore for at least a few months.

I am feeling very tired right now as I did not get enough rest for the last few days. My dark circles around my eyes are getting worse day by day. And it is puffy too! I feel like a need a long break! assignments not yet settle! and finals will be in 3 weeks time! and I have not started doing any revision yet. *dies*

to the people who drops by this blog, thanks a LOT to u! Sorry that I did not drop by yours. *embarassed*


amu yg tua said...

oh tina!!!!!
NIceee la her name!!!
so special punya!
biar i google her name c apa maksud

Laurane said...

one month confinement? wow...