Saturday, 12 July 2008

1st weekend of July

minna konichiwa! wahahahaha... dis weekend i'm staying at my sis's place. sunday nite going back to uni again.

Friday: i got 2 lectures. but i didnt attend any of them coz i wasnt feeling well. 1st lecture was at 8am. 2nd lecture was at 2.30pm. i had an itchy nose in the middle of the night while i was sleeping. i rubbed my nose till the itch got worse. then i got no choice but to wake up at dat time and ate some medicine. b4 dat, i had to blow my nose coz of the itchiness! argh! then i finally woke up at 11am, when my frens dropped by my room to pass me back my pendrive. after i bathed after i woke up, my nose was still in the same condition. so i had no choice but to escape the afternoon's class too. then i took my medicine and continued sleeping again in the afternoon.

Saturday: sis and bro-in-law came to pick me up at 10am. went to eat breakfast 2gether. then bro-in-law dropped me and sis at Saberkas coz i wanted to buy cooler pad for my laptop and empty dvd-r for me to burn some series dat i've downloaded a few weeks ago. at 1st we went to a salon with the intention of just washing our hair. in the end, we ended up doing more stuff to our hair. ME: dyed and trim my hair. SIS: style, dyed, and perm. her hairdo costs double of mine. mine's only rm118. FYI, for a short hair like mine is quite expensive! i spent 3 hours sitting on d salon chair till my butt and back got numb. sis even worse! sat there for 5 hrs coz she has to go through more processes. after sis finished, we went to have dinner wid her husband at KFC. too tired to cook at home edi so we ate out instead. Slept a little after midnite.

Sunday: woke up at 10.30am. then i suddenly developed flu while i was helping sis out to prepare lunch/dinner. so i only managed to help to cut all the garlics and shallots (bawang merah). after that i took my flu pill and went to sleep. on such a hot day like 2day, i had to cover myself up with blanket! coz i could feel the chills from the fan blowing around in the room. i slept for 3 hrs. so basically i spent half of my day sleeping! then i ate dinner and packed my things to go back to uni. then i almost forgot about my fish pet again! btw, my fish's name is Nemo. SURPRISED? don't be. it's another fighting fish and it's my 3rd fish. this time i put Nemo into a BIGGER tank so dat he can swim around freely! and of coz control his food intake as well. and lucky for me, Beybeb (now i like to call him "Ah Beb Ah") didnt notice the existence of Nemo (although Nemo has been at sis's house for almost a week). so now Nemo's in his BIG tank, enjoying swimming around... I still got flu (more like runny nose and blocked nose). have to take another LARGE pill of flu medicine and go to sleep. lucky for me class starts at 10am the following day.


Laurane said...

oh! (ignore the msg on ur chatbox then) somehow manage to comment now...

hope you're feeling better now. no longer fluey and sicky... :S

Tinanit said...

wahahaha... yeap! not so sicky anymore. but i'm still having blocked nose! *HARD TO BREATHE!!!*

hahahaha... i still live tho. thank goodness! :D

Amu tua lagik said...

tot u wanted a japanese name?

Tinanit said...

oh, edi bored of japanese name. so give him a simple name la!