Thursday, 10 July 2008

sewel guy!

oh oh... 2day i received a very shocking "confession" from a guy i juz met. we seldom sms... then out of the blue this guy suddenly ask me to be his GIRLFRIEND!!! *sweat* i can say he's still a stranger to me. i dunno much about him. not even his full name.

he said he wanna b my boyfriend juz to know each other better. WAT KIND OF REASON IS DAT?!?! and he oso said dat we become BF n GF 1st. if we're compatible, then we become SERIOUS LOVERS! *wat d freaking shit is this... never heard of a guy chase after a gal like dat! ARGH!!!!* he kept on repeating himself over and over again till i got sien oso. then in d end i told him straight-forwardly dat if he ask again, i'll juz tell him d same answer (which is, i rejected all his request!!!!) now i kinda wished dat i had never met this guy... he's rather sweet, but in a super wrong way!

we're jz sms each other like 4 times (as in 4 days le) after we exchanged our numbers. but he's boring la... topics during sms oso come to an end very fast. then i'm d one who always have to start another new topic. if he's d one who wants to know more about me, he's d one who shud ask me questions, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! he tot dat i like to complain to ppl and he becomes d listener. well pal, U'RE SO DAMN WRONG! i like talkative ppl, wid good sense of humor too.

lastly, i felt so much better after complaining it here! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! comments r welcomed.


Amu tua said...

dis bodo guy is a BILLION years too young to start courting girls!
Stupid lonely-jerk who only wants a GF so tht he can 'penuhkan his masa lapang"
sungguh jahat saya!

Tinanit said...

ahahahaha... takpe. itu pun if dat guy got read my blog. i dun think he knows the existence of my blog..