Monday, 21 July 2008

new lessons

2day i woke up so early. although my class starts at 10am! becoz my group members for one of my subjects wanted to meet up and discuss about our tutorial. so for this tutorial, we had to present wat the lecturer had given us: a chart. my group have to brief about Person/Organization Match. haih.. got no energy to do research dis morning. even when i read thru the 2 pages of that section in reference books, i dun even get it!

then i had class STRAIGHT from 10am to4pm WITHOUT A BREAK! me and my friend almost fainted from the hunger! but luckily all the lessons were not so boring. hahaha... I kinda like the Japanese lessons. it's my 1st lesson in class coz i managed to register for the slot last friday. *Lucky lucky!* my lecturer is a Japanese. She teaches well. :D

after i came back from my last class, i quickly ate 2 puffs that i bought earlier! almost got gastric for the 2nd time for 2day! ugh! hate the feeling of gastric! then i was still not satisfied with only 2 puffs. so i went to tapau dinner with my roommate. My roommate is conscious about her health and environment. she used her own food container to tapau her dinner instead of using the polystyrenes provided at the cafe. i think i wanna get one too from my sis's house later! :D

dat's all d updates for now. Presentation will b on wednesday morning! and i'm still not prepared! *sob*

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