Thursday, 24 July 2008

my shopping spree?

on Wednesday afternoon, i went to town with my fren, Juju.

1st Location: The Spring.
we had our lunch at Sushi King (as usual). being a BIG fan of sushi, we surprisingly ate less than what we normally had. dis time we only spent RM 20 each. normally each of us would have spent RM 30. then we went to pc shop. Juju bought cooler pad, empty CDR, headphone.
I bought a joystick. At Ta Kiong, we bought quite a lot of stuff too. i bought 2 sets of 6-packet chrysanthemum drinks, 3 packets of crab flavoured keropok. Juju bought a few things. I bought an Oxford JAPANESE Dictionary which cost me RM 64.90. I spent RM96.10 here.

2nd location: Kenyalang Park
we went there to scout for dramas and other interesting stuff they had. Juju bought a Hana Yori Dango SP. she thought it was the HYD Finale! when she watched it in her room, it's only a special SHOW on HYD! *total disappointment*
I bought 2 live concerts of Bon Jovi and Josh Groban. dun ask me why i bought those. i just feel like watching those at dat time.
I reloaded my Hotlink number here too. then i changed my Hotlink plan to dat 365 days plan. it means my number will stay active for the whole year! i dun have to reload when my airtime due anymore! i juz need to reload then i'm running low in credit! i spent RM 53 here.

3rd location: Guardian branch somewhere2...
i bought ear plugs (cant stand my roomie punya noisy keypads of her hp), sponge to scrub body, pantyliner, and strepsils. costs: RM 33.45

Petrol: RM7.50 x 2 = RM15
Car Rental: RM7 x 5 hrs 30 minutes = RM 38.50 (2 person pay)

my total expenditure: RM 229.30!!!

my mum's SOOOOOOOOO gonna kill me if she finds out!


Laurane said...


you rented a car to go on a shopping spree??

and that's a lot of shopping! fun fun :)

Tinanit said...

yeap! cause i own a car. so i gotta rent a car to go to town! lol!