Tuesday, 15 July 2008


i suddenly developed a sore throat after eating some spicy (actually not spicy at all) food this afternoon! it's more like i almost choked on my food! -.-" then now i got sore throat!

my flu's/blocked nose is better 2day! altho half of the day i could almost not breathe! aih...

i terserempak my "twin" on my way to class.

2day me and my fren, Juju, went crazy a little. actually we're much more talkative than usual. dunno wat's gotten into us to talk so much 2day! :D

one of my housemate OVERFED my Nemo! she made the whole tank FULL OF THE FISH PELLETS! so i've got no choice but to change the water in the tank! i forgot to add anti-clorin chemical when i put Nemo back into the tank! luckily i realized my carelessness (coz i was still thinking who was the culprit). then i gotta get Nemo out with my hand. he escapes from me easily! -.-"

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