Saturday, 5 July 2008

tiring day

i woke up damn early this morning. kononnya wanna go to uni to settle about my online registration stuff. then suddenly the plummer wanna come 2day after mum made appointment wif them (supposed to b 2molo but they wanna come 2day). so no choice gotta wait for them to fix the leaks of water pipes in the house. when d plummer came, Beybeb quickly hid himself away (nearly couldnt find him!).

so, we shifted out morning plans to d afternoon. then, we're all getting lazy (more like TIRED) to go anywhere. so i decided to settle all my things thru email. hehehe...

so me n family went to The Spring after having dinner at Expert Food Court at RH Plaza. mum jz wanna walk around the mall coz dat's d 1st time she stepped into The Spring.

Beybeb slept the whole day, so he's so active at nite (now's 2am!). keep on running here and there nonstop and disturb things that he finds interesting. dis morning he played wid an old bone. he kicked the bone like it was his football! *sweat* then i oso play wid him lo. since he's the type "I MUST WIN". when he starts attacking me, i must fight back too! (kiasu betul la me).

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