Friday, 19 September 2008

at last... FREEDOM!!!

ahh... i've got a story to tell! it's about me moving out of my room!! hehehe... i moved to my friend's room, far, far away from my former room! of course i moved ILLEGALLY! hopefully i won't get caught that's all. if not, i have to pay a sum for the penalty. and i'm currently broke as well. just bought another textbook which cost me RM68.

i moved my stuff during the night. so that the college (hostel) staffs do not caught me red-handed if i were to move them during the day! my friend, Shiela, helped me move my stuff to her room, which is on the 2nd floor. i've got too much stuff (some i never use at all and some clothes i didn't wear at all this sem). i need to bring all those stuff back to Sibu next weekend! otherwise i'll "pengsan " again when i move out of the room by the end of this semester! my body's all sore from all the moving of my things! my "roommate" gave me an odd look when i moved all my things out of the room last night. Cause i didn't bother to tell her that i'm moving out of the room. Later Claud and Carol are coming to help me move my "leftover" things which is still in the old room. there's the food supply, broom, dustpan, pails, laundry, footwear, bedsheet. hopefully i get to move all of them out by today. coz tomorrow i don't have extra help anymore. Shiela went back home already. LOL!

well, i'm happy to move out of my former room. not many people know i've moved. :D