Tuesday, 16 September 2008

dark, dark sky...

well, it's raining right now.and there's lightning and thunder as well. i'll be having class at 4pm but i don't think i'll be going coz of the lightning! i'm SUPER SCARED of lightning. there's no bus from 3-4pm. haih... so i think i'll just sit in the room and do my assignment which my group MIGHT present in front of the class tomorrow. right now my laptop's using battery because i'm currently downloading episodes of Kyou Kara Maou 3rd Season. it's a direct download link so i cannot just turn off my laptop. man.. the lightning in Unimas is so damn scary! coz there's not enough trees to earth the lightning source (am i telling a fact or crap?). so the lightning is always seen as STRIKING DOWN to the ground, which is NOT SAFE AT ALL for people who are walking in the open space!!! yea... i'm scared of lightning since i spent my days in Labuan 2 years ago.

ok, i want to talk about yesterday's event! i had my OB exam last nite. although it was a 40 MCQ midterm exam, it was still tough for my standard coz i didn't study enough for it! *dead*
i just hope that i pass it la. LOL!

then my roomie was talking to her "hubby" on the phone at 4am! gila betul la! then i keep on tossing around coz of her annoying voice! argh! dahlah talk so damn loud, and enjoying it lagi! annoying betulllll!!! argh! i wonder how am i going to survive the final month before the finals. damn... I hope to move out from my room soon! lol!

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Laurane said...

aah... i love heavy rains and thunders. scary... but so nice. miss it. havent had heavy thunderstorms in a long time...

anyway, your roommate problem :S oh no... have you tried telling her that she's making lots of noise? cuz i mean, at 4am there really should be quiet... if its 12 or something then maybe stil can lah.. ><