Sunday, 14 September 2008

fun day

i had a fun day today. 1st, me and my friends (Juju, Shiela and her boyfriend, Terrence) went to Star Cineplex to watch movie. we watched Babylon A.D. the movie has got a weird ending. and we don't even know what's the storyline too. LOL! gotta watch it at least a few times to get the whole story I guess. ah... wished we could watch Death Race! i'm soooooo into racing! lol! oh, why did we go watch movies all of a sudden? it's because each of us had a free movie pass from one of our lecturers. we answered correctly the questions that were asked to us last week!

after we watched the movie, we went to Sarawak Plaza. Juju bought the illustration book of Junjou Romantica (google it of you want to know) which cost RM45! i wanted to buy Saiyuki's illustration book too! but because i'm running short of $$, i decided not to buy. and i hope that no one buys the book SOON! lol... Juju also bought a Bleach handphone strap which cost RM12. she spent a lot 2day.

after walking around in Sarawak Plaza, we went to the Ramadhan bazaar at Satok. it's soooo crowded (food section)! lots of food, fruits, souveniors. hehe. i managed to buy 2 comic books (RM7.70 each), a fan (RM3), fruits (RM4), food (RM13). today's expenditure: RM42.40
OMG! i've gotta stop spending moneyyyyyyyyy!!!!

oh! my roomie gave me 2 mini mooncakes! i'm not sure when's mooncake festival but i missed playing with the lanterns! ahhh, those old times....

i ate till by stomach's bloated! argh! tomorrow gotta exercise all this calories off! lol! and i've gotta cramp in my OB knowledge for my exam on Monday! *die*

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