Tuesday, 23 September 2008

cold, cold night...

it rained so heavily the whole afternoon. then it's soooo cold at night. went to sleep early b4 10pm and woke up again at around 2.30am cause i wanted to go to the toilet. during cold weather like this la always makes my bladder easily full and need to go to ease myself often. -.-
and i'm typing in the dark. didn't bother to on the lights. keep on making typo mistakes but i don't really care about that. having a blocked nose right now. maybe that's why i couldn't go back to sleep. i've got lecture at 11am today. only got 1 lec 2day but i still want to go coz i wanna learn more. i've regretted i didn't listen attentively for this subject! coz it's actually interesting. but i guess i didnt listen much during the lecture is that the lecturer kept on telling her stories instead on concentrating on her lecture. LOL! ok, starting updates now.

I went out last Friday with Amu Tua and Lucas. LOL! pandai2 la guess who they are. well, there was supposed to be Amu Su with us too but she couldn't make it cause of other programs that was in her way. LOL! she went to the bank then couldn't come to Unimas cause she has got a major headache. so she went back to Swinburne to sleep.
Anyway, Amu Tua helped me out with my 'leftover' stuff in my old room. she helped me carry my things to my room with the help of Lucas's car. i thought we need to go for 2 trips but in the end we only used 1 trip to move all my things. so u can say that i've carried my things (super heavy! i think it's near 15kg per luggage and i had carried 3 of it!) up the stairs and gained some muscles(?!). lol! then we finally went out to town at 4pm. went to Kenyalang Park to duplicate the room key that i'm currently staying right now. than went to The Spring to have our early dinner! me and Amu Tua ate beef noodle. costs RM7 each. -.-
then we went to search for keyboard cause my friend's keyboard is not functioning anymore (right after her laptop got wet from exposing it to the rain. she forgot to close the window when it rained heavily and she wasn't in the room at that time too!).
then we went to Swinburne to watch a drama acted by the students there. I went in there as Amu Su's identity! (identity thief). LOL! they had a few performances before the actual drama started! -.- there were 3 singing performances and a hip hop dance. overall, it's ok. LOL! i came back to Unimas after 1opm. tired. but i slept at 3am coz busy online pulak. tak guna betul me...

Nyima を 会いたい(i want to see Nyimi!). i'm having fun with Japanese characters! thanks to Yien San, i dah tau how to use it! LOL! ありがとう ございました(thank you).

think that's all i want to say now. またね。(see ya later)

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