Monday, 8 September 2008


it has been raining the whole day here. it feels so gloomy. this whole weekend i only watched dramas i downloaded from and Ghost Whisperer Season 3 which i got from my sister last month. i managed to paint my finger nails on friday afternoon (coz i had free time!). it's chilli red. bought the paint from elianto.

i've got 2 midterm exams this coming week, Human Resource Planning (HRP) and Organizational Behaviour (OB). i didn't attend half of the OB lectures coz the 2nd lecture of the week is on Friday morning, 8am. i'm not a morning person. so i always escape on Fridays! even if I did attend the OB lectures, i didnt even bother to listen coz the lecturer tells some stories which i'm not really interested in listening (sometimes she just blabs about her life and experiences). so during her lectures, i read comic books instead. my friends either read comic book too or they do something else. as for HRP, i listened to my lecturer most of the time. but then i didnt attend the lectures for 2 weeks (there was the midterm break for a week and last wednesday i had a stomachache!). so i kinda have short term memory on what i've learned about HRP! *faints*

today's Juju's birthday. that girl has finally turned 20!! wahahhaah! You can't stay young forever, Juju! LOL! (i doubt she'll even read my blog! LOL! so i can crap about her sometimes! *evil laugh*)

had my Japanese Hiragana character recognition test last week. it was ok. though i did made some mistakes on certain characters! haih... maybe coz i was slightly nervous. i've got a few more assignments to complete this week. so i'll have to be an all-nighter person again for this week (plus the exams). oh gosh!

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