Monday, 1 September 2008

finally! MAJOR updates!

alright! i'm going to begin my updates for the past 2 weeks NOW!

2 weeks ago: I was having my midterm break for a week. I spent 3 days in Kuching cause my parents came to Kuching for my sis's late father-in-law's 100th day anniversary from the day he passed away. then i spent the other 3 days in Sibu. it was not enjoyable cause i didn't get to have enough rests throughout the whole week! of course! i get to spend time with Nyimi!!! Miss him so much right now! wanna bully him more right now! he's getting more and more biased! must punish him for that! he's still a timid cat since the day he became an adult. LOL! but he loves to torture insects and lizards till they're dead. If Nyimi were to play with Beybeb, Beybeb would play with Nyimi till he gets tired. Nyimi might just hide from Beybeb cause he's not as hyperactive as Beybeb. I managed to exercise despite the busy week! LOL!

Last Sunday (24th Aug): My faculty held the HRD annual dinner at Sarawak Golf Club. I paid RM35 for it. This year's dinner was much more successful compared to last year's. This year, the food was much better! we get to eat very full! and it's chinese style cooking (meaning, chinese recipes) and it's halal. We had lucky draws, performances from each batch of HRD students (1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year). and we even get to dance on the stage! with our lecturers! LOL! and of course, we took lots of pictures. I've posted my pictures in Friendster and Facebook. the dinner ended before 11pm. then all the committee members gotta stay back for a while to help clear the place up. I forgot to mention that the theme of this year's dinner is 'Tropical Nite'. so we crowned our 'Tarzan & Jane'. Mr Tarzan is from our 2nd year and Miss Jane is a 3rd year. after clearing the place, me and few friends went to the 24-hour McDonald's in town to have a drink. the guys ordered more food whereas we girls ordered drinks and fries (only). we reached university campus at around 1am. and we have lectures the next day! i went to sleep at 2.30am that day. it was fun yet tiring too! LOL!


Dave said...

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amu yg sungguh tua itu said...

OH TINA!!!!! i nampak ur HRD pic!! SO NICEE!!!!! biru betul u hari itu
sungguh ngam wiv ur headband
nampak ur "special pose" tat amu lang send to me
nt badd eh?

Tinanit said...

for dave: thanks for the website! will try out next time when i have time or having my holidays.

for amu tua: cisssss! dat pic was not supposed to be sent to u! dat si amu lang just send without asking my permission!

amu yg sungguh tAk tua itu said...

nyimi: besar bully kecil!! =P

yerrr.. misunderstood the msg bah.. *dot dot* *sad puppy look eyes* LOL.. its P&C nOw =D

i agree!! CANTEK CANTEK!! *sincerely* ;D