Thursday, 11 September 2008

gloomy days

almost everyday the weather here is so gloomy. rains everyday. haih.. suddenly I don't like rainy weathers anymore (coz this means i have to go to sleep in super cold weather and my roomie always turns the speed of the fan to quite fast speed!). i don't mind if it rains while i'm sleeping coz i won't even notice it rained in the middle of the night. LOL!

i'm lacking so much sleep the last few days. regretted that i didn't go to sleep early last night. when i woke up this morning, i feel so crappy. i thought of escaping Basic Statistics lecture (1st lec of the day coz it's at 8am!!). then again i feel guilty for not attending the lecture (on thursdays) for quite a few weeks already. so i forced myself to wake up and get ready to go to class. luckily i went to class coz my professor gave us back our midterm paper. i failed my paper! argh! then i have to struggle more for the finals (maklum la i'm not really good in maths). and the professor was also in a bad mood coz: 1) he's sick. 2)he's not happy with our results (i think). 3)we didn't call him to come to lecture last monday (coz he thought lecture starts at 1pm). so i admit that it's our fault for not looking for him at his office.

2nd lecture was at 10am-12pm. but then we were dismissed 30 mins earlier coz a few people sitting at the front rows were talking RIGHT IN FRONT of the lecturer. then the lecturer got so pissed off so she just ended the lecture earlier than expected. so me, Juju and Shiela went to Desa Ilmu to lepak. Juju puasa, so she walks around the area while me and Shiela have lunch. we still got time to kill. so we went to nearby shophouses to lepak. LOL!

oh yea! i left my hp in the lecture hall where i had my 2nd lecture of the day. luckily a friend of mine was still at the area. I only realized it when we were at Desa Ilmu! then Juju helped me to call that friend to help search for me. lucky for me the hp was still there. i put it in the desk. that's why i didn't remember it coz after i pack my stuff, i talked to 2 friends then left (without my hp). thank God that it was still there and thank my helpful friend too! God bless her. :D

slept for 4 hours earlier (6pm-10.30pm). now i'm a bit refreshed. lol. so, that's all for 2day. mata ne (translation: see you soon).

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