Wednesday, 10 September 2008


well, i had a bunch of things being done 2day. and today's kinda not my day as well.

1: I went to my one and only lecture for the day, Organizational Behaviour (OB). then my lecturer came in late. i was sitting at the end of the row in the lecture hall. and so chun i was sms-ing. then she saw me doing that (i was sms-ing on the table with my pencil box hiding my hands and hp. LOL!). then she indirectly telling me NOT TO SMS in her class (although her EYES are looking STRAIGHT at me). at first i didn't notice. then my friend who sat next to me told me she was looking at me. LOL! then i just put on an idiot expression (tak rasa cukup guilty bah). after that she just continue her lecture (i didn't listen to her, of course!) and i was scribbling some Hiragana characters. luckily her lecture ended earlier than usual. so glad.

2. I went to a company, Sanmina, at Sama Jaya Industrial Free Zone area (somewhere in Pending) to interview a senior HR Manager. (names will not be mentioned for privacy! :D). i went there with other 4 members of my group (for HRP). our "chauffer", Muslim, rented a Viva and he drove us there. since we didn't exactly knew where was the factory, another coursemate of ours, Alif, directed us there. In short, the interview was INTERESTING! the HR manager explained things in great details! although all of us we kinda sleepy (lack of sleep the past few days), we still managed to hang on to hear his stories (more like, experiences). at 1st i thought the interview could end within 30 minutes. to our amazement, it took 4hrs of our time. and the interview wasn't complete coz Muslim got English class at 5pm. itu pun, we went back to campus at 5.30pm!! U can say I had the scare of my life sitting in the car coz Muslim doesn't really know how to control his car well (especially entering a rather corner and at roundabouts!). even when i drive wreckless like dat (at times), i'll always make sure i still have control of the car, not the other way around! anyway, i didn't want to hurt his feelings, so i juz keep quiet and pray for everyone's safety!

3. I'm awake now coz i wanted to study after updating blog. i planned to wake up at 3.30am. but then the temperature of the room suddenly became warm and i couldn't go back to sleep. so here i am, updating. LOL.

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