Monday, 22 June 2009


sooooo sleepy today! why not? I did not get enough sleep for the past 4 nights. call me crazy/stupid/whatever. lol~ I do not mind. I almost doze off while typing documents. darn! my brain can almost remember the position of each letters on the keyboard. I had to open my eyes just to see what my fingers have typed on the screen! lol~

ok, i know I have not been updating lately. I will summarize the past events here.
17th June 2009, Wednesday
My cousin's son (which is also my nephew. His name is Xander) turned 5 years old today. There was a joint birthday party that night for the grandson and grandfather (the grandfather is my uncle! LOL~). My uncle's birthday falls on the following day, 18th June. He is 69 years old already!

My sister bought a Transformer autobot for Xander. It is only Level 2 transformation (for ages 4+). I forgot the name of the autobot, but it has the name 'Jolt'. something to do with electricity. We reached the location rather late! The family waited for us to arrive before they start the birthday celebration. How thoughtful of them! (and we were feeling pretty guilty for arriving late).

Xander's dad bought him a HUGE Bumblebee that can transform, talk, and even MOVE!! my estimation of the price is around rm400-rm500! so cool! I forgot to snap the picture of the Bumblebee thought. hehehe... Xander's dad promised that he would buy the Bumblebee for him if he scored 5 A's in his report card (he is only in elementary school!). I was amazed...

19th June 2009, Friday
Swinburne organized Trivia Nite for all its staffs. Swinburne staffs' tickets only cost RM10. Adult guest is RM15 each. Children age between 6 to 12 cost RM5 each. Children below 5 will be free! The night before, me and my sister were busy ripping karaoke videos from the cds to the external harddisk. Both of us were dead tired from lack of sleep (as usual). Since the committee members gave her (and dragging me along because I am the SISTER) the responsibility to choose songs to be played and karaoke songs to be sung for the event. I sang one song but I was so nervous, I just keep on moving myself to chase away that nervousness. There were LOTS and LOTS of food! there were so much food that everyone tapau them home! lol~ we finished at slightly after 10pm. By the time we reached home, we were soooo tired!

21st June 2009, Sunday
I went to St Joseph Cathedral for Mira's baptism briefing. It was informative learning our roles as godparents and parents to the baby/child/children. gosh... Godparents' responsibilities are rather heavy! I just knew that. In the afternoon, I went out with Claud and Fam to boutiques cause Claud is still looking for the perfect prom dress for Swinburne's prom night. There is a high possibility that I will be going because I have a dress which belongs to my sister and I just need to find the right heels for it. hehehe... after that we went to Sarawak Plaza. I found 3 DBSK photo books, but the picture quality not the good ones. hmm.. so I did not buy it. I bought the Gokusen 3 SP dvd instead! lol! not sure when I will be watching it since I do not have time to watch it at the moment. Then we head off to The Spring to have dinner at Kenny Rogers. There were 6 of us: me, Claud, Carol, Fam, Gab, Justin. Justin was the guest of honour. Long time did not see/chat with him. The last time me and Claud saw him was when we were Form 1. Since I got in touch with him through Facebook (I begin to love Facebook more and more every day!) , we exchanged numbers and decided to meet up. lol! I had gastric that night. Could hardly stand up straight! The moment I reached home, I took gastric medicine (which I have to chew it to bits and I never like the taste! yuCK!!).

*edited on 23 June*

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