Thursday, 11 June 2009


I am down with flu which includes fever and sore throat! and I am still coming to work! This is because I cannot take any sick leave unless I have medical certificate (MC). So here I am in front of my desk sniffing my mucus (ewww) back to my systems!

Lunch will be at 12pm today. I cannot wait to go home! I will see the doctor tonight at Chong's Clinic located at 2 1/2 Mile and get a MC! I seriously cannot work well with my current condition! *sniff again*

I have not been drinking much water today (coz I have not refilled my bottle). Have to eat 2 tablets of Panadol! ugh! I am not sure how I got sick. My guess(es) is
1) did not have enough sleep (sleep late, wake up early)
2) wash hair so late at night

I did not get to talk to Mira much last night because of this flu. I guess I won't be getting anywhere near her till I am cured!

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RAySoN anGviL said...

Tina sick le? Stay healthy for the Earth is filling with all kinds of disease. Use the coconut oil to cook. Not sure how true but can lower down the changes of complication. Can let your beloved one know bout it.