Wednesday, 17 June 2009

-Big Smiles-

Yesterday afternoon, my lecturer from Unimas came to visit me at Swinburne for the so-called inspection. Dr. H called me up slightly after 4pm and said he would like to pay me a visit as he was somewhere near the area. I guess I was on his 'last-minute' list because he asked me what time I will be finishing work. My friend, Juju, told me that Dr. H called Emy (another friend of mine) and told her that he will be coming to visit them sometime this week. And he visited them yesterday morning. heheh... He asked them quite a number of questions compared to me. I guess Dr. H was in quite a rush to go home (and maybe to avoid traffic jam as well). The jam is quite bad but still moving.

last nite Mira had another concert viewing again before she starts complaining that she wants to go to sleep. she enjoys activities, so can consider that she does not sleep as much as other babies (I think). I showed her NEWS's concert. she likes the dancing steps (as usual). I also showed her the latest PV of Arashi's singles, Ashita no Kioku and Crazy Moon~kimi no muteki~. I like Crazy Moon~kimi no muteki~ coz it has an upbeat tune and throughout the whole PV, there was only dancing! which I think Mira likes it a lot! hehehe...

this morning I ate kolo mee which I take away from Chilli Peppers. and now my tummy seems to be suffering of moving wind. arghhhhh! I have been kentuting for quite some time now! lol~

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