Thursday, 4 June 2009


yoohooo... I am sorry for not updating my blog for the past week. I have been rather busy with my projects that I am supposed to finish by next week to present it to my HR manager! she is on leave till the end of next week! So now I have to rush with my projects! maybe I cannot relax this weekend and next weekend!

I have 2 friends and an idol of mine whose birthday falls on TODAY, 4th June! Carol's boyfriend, Gab, my primary school friend, Francesca, & Park Yoochun of TVXQ. Gab & Francesca is 21 this year and Yoochun is 23.

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY, Gab and Francesca! May you guys enjoy your birthday till 11.59pm (today only)!

p/s: there will be a little spamming of Yoochun's pics towards the end of this post! :P

I got myself a new hairdo last Saturday. I was supposed to have a trim only, but my hairstylist decided to give me a FUNKY hairstyle. I have yet to transfer the pics to my laptop and then to my pendrive. So you can only wait for it maybe this coming weekend or maybe next week!

I went visiting on Hari Gawai (aka Harvest Festival) for 2 consecutive days! And I have to congratulate myself for being able to put on quite a few pounds! Argh! Definitely have to cut down on my meat intake for the coming weeks! I ate lots of mutton and beef! All the food served at those houses were sooooooooo delicious that I even went for seconds!

Oh yea, I went fishing for talapia at my brother-in-law's aunty's pond! caught so many! but mostly the small, tiny ones. Not big enough to be eaten yet. So I released them from the hook and throw them back into the pond. Though it hurts them physically (because of the fishing hook), I stopped the activity after I caught around 12 fishes. Pics will only be available in future posts!

ok, time for Yoochun birthday pics spams!

HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY, MICKY PARK YOOCHUN! Wish you all the best in whatever you do! *hugs & kisses*
*kicked by SYC admins*

Credits: as on the pictures

Yoochun with weird expression. Taken from SYC.

My favourite TVXQ couple, Soulmate couple! (Other fans made this up, not me!)

Mirotic era


Another Soulmate moment!

Soelreim CF

From the Secret Code Concert!






From NTV Mirai Sozodo

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