Monday, 15 June 2009

I'm back!

Well, did you (my readers) miss me? *gets bricked* lol~
I did not go to work last Friday as I was on sick leave with medical certificate (MC). I was too tired and could hardly breathe whenever I am in air-conditioned areas/rooms. Lucky for me no lecturers decided to come and visit me for inspection! hehehe... Well, I AM still waiting for them to visit me SOON! been waiting for almost a month now!

Since I got sick on Tuesday, I did not go near Mirabelle. I think she missed me playing with her, too. Because whenever I stood about 1 meter away from her (preventing from passing the virus to her) and waving, and sometimes dancing, in front of her, she would smile at me! lol! but I cannot win my dad. He only said the words "My pretty little girl", she smiled so wide that you could even see her gums (which also means she has toothless smiles! LOL!!!)! I took lots of cute pictures of her but I have not transfered them to my laptop (darn, I am SO lazy whenever it comes to my PC during my semester breaks. I do not even bother to go online unless I am bored to death).

Finally, I took some cute pics together with Mira! I slept late last night at 1am. a couple of hour s before that I watched Transformers DVD with my sister and after the movie ended, I babysit Mira for about an hour while my dad was busy throwing the garbage and feed the dogs outside the house. I do not think that I will be playing with Mira today. Otherwise I will ended up sleeping late again (from watching DVD concerts of Tohoshinki, KAT-TUN, Hey! Say! JUMP!). Since we stopped that activity, Mira gets bored easily, too. hm...

Today I am collecting lots of information on what to put inside the induction program. hehe... I am sleepy but after lunch, i'm rejuvenerated agaiN! :D

I have not stalked SYC for about 10 days!! gosh! I am soooo outdated about their concerts and of coz, good-looking pictures! :P Will be going home late today because my brother-in-law will be picking me and my sister. *sigh*

I suddenly got the Johnny's mania!!! And I am soooo angry at myself for missing the Shounen Club show last nite on NHK World! arghhhhH!!! *kick myself* The special guest appearance is Tegoshi Yuya! My very 1st favourite idol!!!

~Pic spamzzz~

We start off with Tegoshi Yuya of NEWS!

then we have my so-called new hairstyle! (which looks like a beehive in 3D)
my 'beehive' hair
my 'beehive' hair

then we have Nyimi!

Then we have Mira and her family members!
First, Mira & her mum
mother & daughter

Next, Mira & her grandma
mum & mira

Third, me and Mira

Next, Mira trying her best to hold her own feeding bottle

Her pic when she was exactly 2 months old

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RAySoN anGviL said...

really very cute wo... hehe... but could not see her yet. em.. She rocks!