Tuesday, 9 June 2009

oh dear...

oh mannnn~ I have been eating nonstop since 10am this morning! been eating bits of cakes brought by my HR officer, Jane! The chocolate cheese is super delicious! Hopefully tomorrow she will bring more of it again. ^_^
There are other recipes as well but the chocolate cheese will be current favourite!

and another HR officer, Emy, gave all of us chocolates (imported ones, of course!). I thought of fasting from chocs but it seems I cannot do so as my appetite seems to be big today!

My work today is just continuing my induction handbook outline and checking the HRDF's figures and print them out and then chop (using stamps!) all the receipts to make it claimable from HRDF later. Since I do not have the chance at home to blog, I will be posting a short post here! :D

Mira will be getting another shot from her doctor (not sure what shot is it this time). I won't be going to the clinic with her because I do not feel like it. Maybe I will change my mind if I still have the energy to go later. hehe...

Last night, I entertained Mira with her caterpillar stuffed toy given by her paternal aunt (I am the maternal aunt). I made lots of weird actions with the toy and she enjoyed it. Half an hour later, she got bored of it. So I had to bring her up to my room to watch tour concert starring Hey! Say! JUMP! (aka HSJ for short). The concert is Hey! Say! JUMP-ing Tour 2008. Watched it halfway. Mira also enjoyed watching KAT-TUN's Queen of Pirates concert! gosh... she really enjoys watching them dance. And she tried to dance her own version out! too bad I did not film the process cause I was holding her.

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