Tuesday, 23 June 2009


I have changed the layout of my blog again. Ignore the title of the blog if you hate it. hehehe... I love this layout! thanks to the creator of this layout! *hugssss*

There are rumours this morning that there is H1N1 infected student in Swinburne Sarawak. I am not sure whether it is real or not. Have not heard any confirmation about it. So I assume that it is not true. hehe...

Last night I sms an old friend of mine who is currently working in Papua New Guinea (dang, dunno how to spell the name of the country. Had to Google it up). Spent RM4.++ !! *shocked* 1 sms = Rm0.20 . In the end we ended up chatting online because I could not afford to spend another credit of mine (YES, i am very stingy with credits!).

I intended to sleep early last night but I ended up sleeping after 11pm. I never follow the original plans of my own planning. Mira was so excited when she watched 'Surf's Up' on HBO last night. I think she slept later than me.

A colleague of mine treated me to a bowl of laksa for breakfast today. That is so nice of her! I have not properly thanked her for it yet! hehe...

Today is one of my supervisor's birthday!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARREN! muahahahahaha...

I guess that is all I have to say right now! back to my work! (been onlining nonstop since I arrived at the office! lol!)

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