Sunday, 24 May 2009

Birthday Bash 3, 4, 5

Birthday Bash 3 (21st May 2009):
I went out with my family (this includes Mira, too!) to Boulevard to celebrate my birthday with them. We ate dinner at Kenny Rogers because my family do not want to eat any fried food (eg. KFC, Sugabun). We also ate there because my parents never ate there before. I carried Mira all the way from home to Boulevard. She just loves car rides (she fell asleep immediately during the car ride!). She enjoyed herself the whole time at Kenny Rogers. I think this is because the environment there was really calm and colourful! She loves staring at the menu I showed to her, too! Ok, enought of Mira. Each of us ordered the quarter meal (a quarter of the whole chicken with 3 side dishes which you can choose from their menu). I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. *wink* We spent RM117.20. Exactly the SAME AMOUNT of what me and Fam spent at Koreana!
We blew out my birthday cake after we returned from Boulevard. It was past 10pm! Gosh! I also celebrate Mira's 2nd month in this world. We took quite a number of pictures. Will be posting them here.

My birthday Cake!

me & mira2
Me & Mira

me & mira2
Me & Mira

my food
My portion

My family

My cake after the cake-cutting ceremony (lol~)

Cute Nyimi

me & nyimi
Me & Nyimi~

Birthday Bash 4 (22nd May 2009):
My colleagues from the HR department (only 2 out of 5 of them) brought me out for lunch at The Spring's food court. It was another surprise to me as I did not expect them to treat me (a trainee there of 2 months) for my birthday! Hehe... I ordered cheesey chicken baked rice (sorry I did not take a picture of the food) and it cost me RM9.00. My colleague paid for it (Thanks a lot! Really appreciate it!). I ordered papaya juice, too. It was my first time drinking papaya juice! Luckily it tasted good (maybe the sugar water helped as well. I do not know~). Then we hung out at MPH Bookstore till it was time to return to the office.

Birthday Bash 5 (24th May 2009):
Today I went out with Shiela and Juju. Did not take any pictures today because we do not feel like taking. Or you can say we forgot. lol~ I wanted to eat lunch at some western food but MOST of the western restaurants are closed on Sundays! *sobs* In the end we ate at Hanii's Corner (actually I do not remember the full name of the shop. Sorry!). Me and Juju ordered sirloin beef slice whereas Shiela ordered butter chicken rice. The prices are reasonable (or you can label it cheap if you get the chance to eat there and compare the prices with other shops). After lunch, we immediately went to Absolute Lounge & KTV for karaoke session! Shiela forgot to bring her student ID. She almost could not get the student price but the tauke (aka boss of the shop) was kind enough to charge her with the student price! *thankful for the kind-hearted boss* So we were there for about 4 hours singing non-stop! We sang mostly English songs, with a few Japanese songs. We finished singing at 6pm because that is our time limit! So Shiela sent me home first because I could not want to join them for dinner (I promised my family that I will be eating dinner at home).

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Petite Amanda said...

AWWWWWWWWW!! Mira SOOO cute!!!! XD

Your Nyimi also so totally adorable la.. his/her eyes.. so BIG.. eee :D

SOunds like u had an extremely lovely 21st Birthday girl!